Generation E

A data-driven investigation on South-European youth migration

Generation E is a cross-border data journalism project.

We want to understand and show a generation of young European women and men who are leaving the southern countries of the Old Continent. Why do they leave their countries? Where do they go? What do they do now?

Hundreds of thousands of young people are leaving countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece. Some are driven by the hardships of the financial crisis, some just want to study abroad and stay, others are driven by sentimental reasons.

Are you one of these people? We want to tell your story. Fill out our survey, share our project. Let's make Generation E visible.

E stands for Europe, Emigration, Erasmus, Economy, Exodus, Escape. We start from the -slightly romantic- assumption that the young European ‘expats’ are laying the foundations of the future European social fabric.
Jacopo Ottaviani, Generation E Project Coordinator

This project is run by Jacopo Ottaviani (project manager), Daniele Grasso, Katerina Stavroula and Sara Moreira. The initial design was developed by Journalism++ Porto (Ricardo Lafuente and Ana Carvalho).

The official media partners are Il Fatto Quotidiano (Italy), El Confidencial (Spain), P3/Público (Portugal), RadioBubble (Greece) and CORRECT!V (Germany).

In 2014 the project was supported by

Main findings
Since September 2014, Generation E has collected more than 2,000 stories of young European migrants through a crowdsourcing form.

A dataset with the results of our initial research was released by the end of November under CC-BY 4.0:

Download the data:

If you need more information, want to start a collaboration or re-use the data please get in touch.

By portraying the south-European youth migration with data and stories in a cross-border coordinated effort, Generation E made headlines in several major media outlets across Europe and beyond in multiple languages, including online, print and radio.

Initial launch of the crowdsourcing platform

8 September 2014

Italy |
GenerationE, radiografia dei giovani espatriati del Mediterraneo

Greece | /
#GenerationE: Μεγάλη Ευρωπαϊκή έρευνα για τη μετανάστευση με τη συμμετοχή του radiobubble και του hackademy.

Portugal |
Geração E: de êxodo e exclusão

Spain |
#GeneraciónE: ¿quiénes son y adónde van los jóvenes expatriados del sur de Europa?

Global | Global Voices Online [en, es, fr, it, mg, pl, pt]
Are You a European ‘Expat’ Under 40? ‘Generation E’ Wants to Hear Your Story

2 October 2014

UK | Datablog
Crowdsourcing youth migration from southern Europe to the UK

3 October 2014

Europe | [en, es, fr, it]
Generation E: Call for Young Migrants


24 November 2014

Italy |
GenerationE, gli expat del Mediterraneo che “fuggono” ma sperano di tornare

Greece | /
#GenerationE : τα πρώτα αποτελέσματα της ευρωπαϊκής έρευνας για τη μετανάστευση των χωρών του νότου

Portugal | [print PDF] /
Emigração jovem: dados oficiais não contam tudo

Spain |
Habla la GenerationE: "España invierte en nosotros para dejarnos en un trastero"

29 November 2014

Crowdsourcing a Better Understanding of European Youth Migration

7 December 2014

Greece | Entemata (Avgi newspaper) / podcast
#GenerationE: Oι μετανάστες του Νότου που ελπίζουν να επιστρέψουν

3 January 2015

Germany | Correct! / Storytelling Tumblr
GenerationE: Die große Wanderung von Süd nach Nord

Spain |
GenerationE: los jóvenes "huyen" del Sur de Europa con la esperanza de poder volver

November 2016

Switzerland | / Series on Italians and Spanish young migrants in Switzerland

On methodology and journalism innovation

Columbia Journalism Review | 12 November 2014
European Union journalists cross borders for story collaboration

European Journalism Observatory | 6 January 2015
Generation E: Data Journalism and Migration

NiemanLab | 28 April 2015
Collaborating across borders: European journalists band together to track the migrant crisis

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